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About the Company

Sommet Technology was incorporated in 2013. The company is fully owned by Bumiputra, with its mission to creatively innovate and participate actively towards the successful accomplishment in Malaysia’s vision of local technology development. Started in 2013, the company activity primarily focused on refurbishment of STAR LRT and PUTRA LRT components, parts and PCB obsolescence. Throughout the years, with the admirable performance and the enduring increase of demand from various customers, Sommet Technology has diversified the business ventures on GIS and Aerial Photography Services. Nowadays, the demand of mobile app programming and mobile solution keeps going high. Therefore we equipped our self with technical expertise, skills and knowledge for fast project development for our most valuable client's satisfaction. We're currently conducting web and mobile apps development courses for those interested in IT business.

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Why us

Best value for money

We use local expertise at best pricing for your demands

Fast delivery

We always care the clients concern especially the time constraint

Technical support

We provide full technical support for your convenient

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